Inspired by fairytales and fables, I am a ceramic designer and maker specialising in porcelain.

I make a range of functional and decorative ceramics such as Mad March Hares, Mad Hatter Birdies, Stags, Hearts and Stars and quirky bowls, jugs and spoons. Working from my studio in Lincoln, each piece is meticulously crafted and glazed by hand using both traditional and contemporary techniques. Each piece is unique and no two are exactly the same!

All my glazes are produced and developed by me and are derived from my own recipes and experiments with colour. I love playing around with different combinations and arrangements of pattern and colour, which give a strong textile quality to my work.

After graduating with a B.A (hons) degree in Fine Art from Coventry University I have always worked in art and design both as a college lecturer and as a practising artist before combining my love of fine art with my love of ceramics. 

I am also a member of the Harding House Gallery Co-operative on Steep Hill in Lincoln where I am an exhibition curator.

My ceramics can be found in Harding House Gallery where it is on permanent display and other galleries and gift shops throughout the UK.


Lincolnshire Creative Solutions Initiative

(LCSI): 2007

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