What can be better than working with clay?...

Starting with just an idea and a handful of soft clay, letting it take shape and develop into something new, fully formed and permanent. The creative process…How exciting is that...I love It!


I have always drawn, painted and made things and I feel so lucky to be able to continue doing just that. Long hours and hard work at times, but I love every minute of it!


I make handmade porcelain ceramics including Mad March Hares, Mad Hatter Birdies, quirky jugs, bowls and spoons and other hanging decorations including stags, hearts and stars.


The relief pattern in each piece is created by impressing the clay into handmade plaster moulds, tiny linocuts and vintage textile printing blocks, of which I have collected many over the years. Letters, nails, bolts, screws, shells, leaves and other found objects are also impressed into the clay. 


My glazes are developed from my own recipes and experiments with glaze materials. They are all mixed and applied individually by hand. Most have several glazes applied before being fired in an electric kiln to 1260˚c. After which, they are gilded with gold, silver or copper and re-fired to 750˚c.

Mad March Hares.png

Thank you for looking at my work. I hope you enjoy looking it as much as I enjoy making it…